Our Story

It all started with God! God called Dennis Funderburg, Jr. out of a career in martial arts to a new identity of Evangelist. Dennis was in Ireland in 2018 ministering to the people, and God spoke these words to him, “Dennis, you will travel all the way around the world to tell people about Jesus. Will you go back to your hometown (of Breckenridge, TX) to tell them about Jesus?” At that moment, Dennis said “Yes” to God.

Returning home from his trip to the Philippines, Dennis explained to his friend that they must go to Breckenridge and share Jesus with his hometown. His friend, Joey White, is the Church Planting Pastor of StoneWater Church in Granbury, TX. Joey has been directly involved in starting many churches across America and throughout the world. Joey shared the vision of reaching Breckenridge and starting a new church with his friend, Trey McDuff. Trey and his wife, Eva, are from San Saba, TX. They were part of a team of six families that started Hill Country Bible Church of San Saba. After much prayer, Trey and Eva were in agreement that God was calling them to move to Breckenridge to be a part of all that God was doing.

Dennis, Joey and Trey began seeking the Lord together and determined that God was directing them to hold a large event in Breckenridge called, REVIVE THE B. This event is designed for Jesus to change people’s lives. We believe God loves the people of Breckenridge, and He wants to transform this entire region. We see too many people who are hurting and have lost hope. We believe Jesus wants to touch people and change their identity and destiny. REVIVE THE B will be held at Bailey Auditorium on March 29-31 (Friday-Sunday) at 6pm each night.

New Destination Church will officially start after REVIVE THE B. We will gather all the people who were touched by Jesus and start a new church for them. New Destination Church will continue to share Jesus with our region and continue to see people’s lives changed by the power and love of Jesus. The Grand Opening of NDC will be Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019.

New Destination Church is a church that believes in Jesus as Savior, Lord, King and Friend. We believe and follow God’s Word. We are not interested being a part of a denomination, but we love and accept people from all Christian denominations since we are all part of God’s Family. We do not judge people for their past mistakes because we have sinned so much ourselves. Our motto is, “No Perfect People Allowed.” If you need a touch from Jesus…If you need a place to belong…If you want to find your purpose in life…Then, come join our family at New Destination Church.