What to Expect

New Destination Church was designed with you in mind. Here’s what you can expect when you arrive:

  1. Expect to see normal people who love Jesus and one another.
  2. Expect us to focus on spreading the word of God and seeing Him transform our city.
  3. Expect us to clearly explain how we can all GET IN a true relationship with Jesus.
  4. Expect a bunch of imperfect people doing our best to trust God so He can help us GET HEALTHY.
  5. Expect us to work alongside each other to spiritually GET STRONG together.
  6. Expect God to have big plans for you! He wants us all to GET GOING so we can be on mission for Him.
  7. Expect a casual place to meet God and Friends.
  8. Expect life-changing messages.
  9. Expect a church that believes and obeys God’s word.
  10. Expect to feel the love of God.